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General Liability Insurance

It's the first type of insurance considered by many businesses.  It protects you from the unpredictable.

General liability protects you from claims resulting from bodily injury or property damage to a 3rd party.

Home Stagers Need General Liability Insurance

Do I need general liability?

Home Stagers have found a place to house their insurance with the Stratum Insurance Agency Team. General liability is the first must have on the home stagers insurance list, as you could be sued for people being injured on the property you are staging. You also may need insurance as a contract requirement to work with certain realtors or other businesses that call on you for staging, such as vendors or developers.

What types of claims fall under general liability?

The most common claim that comes to mind is a slip and fall claim from a client or just someone walking buy.  It can also cover property damage.  When you a piece of furniture in a home, you could damage the home,such as the flooring or walls.

What are common exclusions?

General liability insurance DOES NOT cover injuries to employees, officers, and many indepdent contractors.  It does not cover damage to your property or property that you rent, such as furniture.  You need additional types of insurance to cover these things.

Remember that this is just a partial list and you need to refer to your policy for specific exclusions.

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Professional Liability Insurance

This is often called E & O Insurance or errors and omissions insurance.

General Liability Insurance

This is probably the most commonly requested coverage because it is required by many vendors and businesses to work with them.  Companies often require certificates of insurance showing your general liability insurance to let you start working.

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